Life Update!

Sorry I’ve been so MIA lately! It’s finals time here, and life’s hectic! So here’s a quick life update!

  1. I’ll be finishing up my master’s next semesters. I’m halfway there!
  2. Changed my MCAT date. Sadly, I decided to postpone my MCAT. New date is May 18th. I know it’s frowned upon to take it so late, but I am hoping to have time to study after finals. I’m graduating the day before. Yikes! At least I’ll have my master’s? *sigh*
  3. Going home for Christmas! Can’t wait to see my family.
  4. Trying this new thing where I say “yes” to outings instead of staying home and lounging on my couch while watching Hallmark movies. So far so good.
  5. Started listening to podcasts. My favorite is Imagined Life. I think I’ve guessed most of the characters correctly so far!


That’s it! Remember, you got this! Keep going!



Thanks for visiting my blog! Be sure to check out my other posts. There is more to come soon! Until then be kind and remember tomorrow depends on what you do today. Hope you enjoyed reading! — Taylor ❤


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