Hi, I’m Taylor!

I am currently a non-traditional pre-medical, rising grad student pursuing a career as a physician.  I decided to make this blog since there are so many prospective pre-medical students. I felt that I could reach out to high school students, college students, and other people who are interested in becoming a physician/PA/nurse or medicine in general. One of my main goals is to inspire minority students to follow their dreams and strive towards their success.

In addition to pre-med advice and motivation, I will be discussing fashion, travel, and hobbies on my blog. I will also touch on the effects of racism, both systematic and institutional, on medicine and society as a whole. Overall, this blog has been made for the main purpose of educating. The opinions shared on this page are solely of my own.

I hope you enjoy watching my path! This journey is never easy, but it will be worth it in the end.